About the Author

Per-Magnus is founder and managing director of mPeira, a consultancy that specialises in helping organisation improve the capability to deliver value.

He has more than fifteen years of experience in helping organisations implement agile approaches. He has used Scrum, XP and other agile approaches in Sweden, Europe and the USA. Today, he spends most of his passion on Agile, organisational issues and making Agile fit within a larger context, including Service Management, Project Steering, Product Management and much more. He holds a number of professional qualifications in subjects such as Scrum, Agile, project management, ITIL and more. Per-Magnus loves travelling, working internationally and has previously been on the board of both the Swedish and International DSDM (Agile) Consortium.

Per-Magnus is the author of the book Agile for Managers (www.agile4managers.com) and has written several courses, including our best-seller Scrum, Lean and Much More—Agile Projects in Practice.